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Your child’s birthday is approaching and you’d love beautiful, professional photos of their special day.

You’re hunting for the perfect career and know that having professional photos will set you apart from the crowd.

You’re planning an event and need a professional photographer, but can’t justify the massive cost.

You’re starting a business and need professional photos of your team, your products or your store but can’t afford the usual rates of a commercial photographer.

Do any of the above situations sound familiar? Professional photographers can work magic and capture an event in amazing detail, but they’re very costly – often $100 an hour or more – and usually have strict minimum time commitments.

What if you could hire a professional photographer for your event without the time commitment or the huge hourly fee?

Introducing PhotoSesh

PhotoSesh is a free iOS app that lets you find and hire professional photographers in your area, all at a fraction of the usual cost.

Instead of searching on Google or flicking through the Yellow Pages, you can simply open the PhotoSesh iOS app and instantly find and hire photographers in your area.

You can sort photographers by location to find professional photographers close to you, view photography portfolios, or sort results by price to find the most affordable photographers in your area from just $30 per hour.

Using PhotoSesh is simple

Here’s how it works:

Once you’ve found a photographer you like from the database of expert professional photographers, choose PhotoSesh Now to book them right away. You can also select PhotoSesh Later to set a date and time for your photography session.

Choose from any of 16 photography categories and you’ll soon have a professional photographer making their way to your location to photograph your event.

All of PhotoSesh’s photographers are pre-screened and rated, letting you search for reliable photographers with the skills and experience required to capture amazing photos of your event.

Since payments are handled via credit card through the PhotoSesh app and the cost of your photographer is displayed before you book, there’s no need to worry about surprise costs, writing checks or paying in cash.

How much can you save?

The photographers on PhotoSesh are all freelance professional photographers who offer their services at a discount. PhotoSesh lets them fill in gaps in their schedules, letting you access your area’s best photographers from just $30 per hour.

For $30 to $75 per hour, you can access some of the world’s most talented freelance photographers for your special event, commercial photography session or any other purpose.

How to use PhotoSesh to remember great moments

From little league games to children’s birthday parties, there are some occasions that deserve to be remembered forever in beautiful photos.

It’s easy to use PhotoSesh to get professional photos of birthday parties, sports games, family events and more. Just use PhotoSesh Later to book a professional photographer for your event and you’ll get a set of beautiful professional photos.

You’ll receive your high-resolution photos via a Dropbox link within 0 to 72 hours, giving you quick and simple access to professional photos to print, email to friends and family or keep in your collection at home.

How to use PhotoSesh to enhance your career

Do you need professional photos for your business or career? Whether you need to develop your personal brand or stand out in a competitive industry, having a set of high quality professional photos is a great way to get ahead of the competition.

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars per hour to book a photographer directly, you can use PhotoSesh Now to receive high-resolution photos of yourself, your business, your team or your latest product.

Download the App

PhotoSesh is launching in the NY, NJ and PA area in early 2016. To keep up to date as the app launches, enter your email address and we’ll send you not-so-frequent updates, as well as the latest camera tech news, free courses and more.

Are you a professional photographer?

If you’re a professional photographer, PhotoSesh can help you optimize your work day and acquire more customers. Using PhotoSesh, you can fill in the gaps in your professional schedule with profitable photography sessions.

With thousands of photographers across 1,000+ US cities in 43 states, PhotoSesh is a huge market for your professional photography skills that’s growing rapidly. Contact us for more information on joining PhotoSesh as a photographer.

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