by Christopher Seshadri

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Get ready for a record amount of photos to be uploaded on Solar Eclipse Day!  Here's a quick few facts and tips to enjoy the Great American Eclipse.



Solar Eclipse 2017 Fun Facts

  1. IT'S RARE! Monday August 2017, marks the 1st total solar eclipse in the contiguous US since 1979.  Also marks the 1st total eclipse that exclusively spans across America since 1918.  
  2. Key Times!  The Great American Eclipse begins totality over the Pacific Ocean at 8:46 am local time, hits land at 9:05 AM (local) in Lincoln Beach, Oregon, then is last seen at 2:46PM (local) in Charleston, South Carolina.  Partial eclipse will last until 4:09PM
  3. A two-minute Party!  Yup, all this hoopla is for a 2 minute observation.  So don't be late!  Find out your local times and time your coffee break well!
  4. Daytime Stars! If you're one of the lucky viewers in the path of totality, look for planets and stars that are normally hidden in the sky by the Sun's bright light.  During totality, stars will be visible along with Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus.

How to best capture the Great American Eclipse

  1. BE SAFE!!  Don't look directly at the eclipse unless you're in total eclipse viewing grounds. NASA has offered safety tips for viewing the eclipse without ruining your retinas.
  2. LOOK AROUND YOU! Remember, the magic is not only in the sky, but it's also around you.  So be sure to check out your surroundings for eerie looking shadows and unusual lighting. 
  3. NO FANCY GLASSES? NO PROBLEM!  Get a piece of paper, cut a square hole, tape a square piece of aluminium foil over the square hole.  Poke a hole, and now you have your home made eclipse projector.  Project the image to another paper or the floor! 
  4. Book a PhotoSesh!  Book a photographer along the path of totality.  We've already seen some bookings and think it's pretty cool, so we had to remind you that you can easily book a PhotoSesh anywhere in the continental United States, regardless of your location. Use promo code ECLIPSE10 for 10 bucks in PhotoSesh credits!  TIP: Check out Portland, OR and Nashville, TN areas for PhotoSesh photographers looking to capture the event.  
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