If you haven't yet heard, we are building a mobile platform that connects customers to the PhotoSesh community, which consists of nearby talented freelance photographers and iPhoneographers who offer both on-demand and scheduled discounted sessions during the gaps in their schedules that would otherwise yield zero income.


What problem are we solving?

        Hiring a photographer is tedious at best; exhausting at worst. Plus, it's a process which lacks transparency of pricing, reviews and usage rights.  Customers have to waste valuable time to search portfolios, compare websites, scan cherry-picked testimonials, search or call for quotes, and finally, check availability. If schedules don't match up; it's back to square one. 

Even worse than time spent finding and vetting a photographer is the current "Do It Yourself" trend--people who attempt to take their own--or ask guests to take their own--photos at their own events. In addition to less-than-stellar photographic results, this trend leaves little time for a host to mingle, handle event details, eat, enjoy the party, and actually BE in the pictures.

However, DIY still remains a tempting option due to the high cost and time investment associated with hiring a photographer.

There is a second problem that our platform solves: with limited marketing budgets, many photographers have trouble filling their appointment books.  They also don't pick up much work while traveling or out of town.  Most photographers we surveyed have little success with listing sites--which usually come with added costs for subscriptions, bids, and featured listings.

  What is our solution?

        PhotoSesh will allow customers to easily search for talented photographers, in their geographical area, who are available for a specified day or time, and for the type of event relevant to the photographer's skills. 

PhotoSesh photographers work at discounts within our platform. Current rates range between $30-75 per hour, and each photographer posts their pricing to represent a discount of 25-75% on their normal rates. 

This pricing model encourages customers to book PhotoSesh photographers more often, and for more casual events when formally hiring a photographer doesn't make sense. Now, rather than being stuck behind an iPhone during a baby shower, birthday party, anniversary or wedding, hosts can enjoy the party, knowing the photography is covered.  Plus, when hired through our platform, photographs include digital usage and printing rights.

This expanded market for photographers means more clients and more bookings--keeping them busy and meeting new referrals.  After being approved and added to the PhotoSesh community at no cost, a photographer's schedule will start to fill up with customer requests. They can even accept requests while traveling. By handling bookings and payments, we serve as a photographer's marketing team, agent, and personal assistant.

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