Message from the PhotoSesh Founders

We hope you all had a great time in Boston building your network and gaining knowledge over this 3 day conference!  We were excited to play a role in the 2018 ACA Summit as we showcased 7 of our PhotoSesh photographers local to Boston and straight from the PhotoSesh app.  Covering photography for certain events has always been a fun and unique way to build our network, so we hope you drop us a line to say Hello!  We are approaching 10,000 photographers across 43 states and we'll be expanding into Canada later this year.  We are proud to say we are the easiest, fastest, and most efficient way to book a photographer in the US.  We are a unique solution to the retail consumer but also a key to success to major enterprises.  PhotoSesh for Enterprise is a great tool for major marketplace businesses like Airbnb,, along with other major corporations like Zillow, Sony Pictures Television, and Cigna.  We would love any introductions to more marketplace companies like these or any enterprise that needs a photography solution at scale.  Members of the press have already coined PhotoSesh as,  "the Uber of Photographers", but we're much much more than that.  Ask us why!   : )

You can contact us directly to learn more about the PhotoSesh plan, our growth, our progress in our seed funding, or just to say "Hi!"  

Warm Regards,

Chris & Shari

The PhotoSesh Founders

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These awesome PhotoSesh Photographers found in Boston (via the PhotoSesh App)

Tommy Wisdom
Jill LeGrow
Ruby Jean
Amanda Macchia
Mike Yavorsky
Clinton Crocker
Mike DiNatale

The 2018 ACA Angel Summit Highlights from Boston

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