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“Saving time was our goal, but with PhotoSesh, we were also blown away with the pricing! We enjoyed approximately 55% in savings when compared to the traditional hiring process!”

- Cheryl Crowley
PR Director @ The Dr. Oz Show

The Airbnb Story - Data speaks truth

SPOILER ALERT: High quality photography was the turning point for the company.

Marketplace businesses and listing websites showcase profile photos of individual service providers and listings like real estate or food. These companies found that the listings with professional photos convert 2 - 3 x’s more often than the ones with amateur photos.

The Airbnb Story is incredible! The photography part is our favorite! : ) Their investor Paul Graham tossed out a completely non-scalable and non-technical solution to Airbnb’s slow growth problem: He said, “ Travel to New York, rent a camera, spend some time with customers listing properties, and replace the amateur photography with beautiful high-resolution pictures.”

The three-man team grabbed the next flight to New York and upgraded all the amateur photos to beautiful images. There wasn’t any data to back this decision originally. They just went and did it. A week later, the results were in: improving the pictures doubled the weekly revenue to $400 per week. This was the first financial improvement that the company had seen in over eight months. They knew they were onto something.

High Quality Photography Made Airbnb a Billion Dollar Company!

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Your first impression is always visual! It’s not a question on whether your business needs quality photography. The only question is how you are going to accomplish this when your business is gaining traction. As your marketplace or listing business grows, you can leverage the streamlined photography solution using the PhotoSesh platform. Our proprietary enterprise platform is an incredible tool that can get you a vetted professional photographer at any location in the United States within hours.

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