Why Photographers join the PhotoSesh community:

●  Can earn income on their own hours (or in between bookings). 

●  Can choose to be on or off the grid anywhere and whenever in the mood.

●  Gain more exposure for your own photography business.  

●  If you join and get approved on PhotoSesh during the beta version, you will not be subject to signup/membership fees during the official launch!

●  Nearest leads will find you (on our marketing costs) instead of you looking for them.

●  You can be available "on the move" using our maps module which is great for traveling photographers trying to make a few bucks floating around on the PhotoSesh GPS.

●  Our scheduling function helps keep you organized and syncs with the most common calendars we use every day (e.g. iCloud, Google).

●  Enjoy access to thousands of other photographers if you ever need a second shooter on short notice.

●  Little to no editing work necessary, most of our customers may just need unedited images (but use your own judgment to earn your five star ratings).

●  If you maintain your ratings in line with our community's quality control standards, you will be a part of an Elite group of photographers based on overall customer satisfaction, which eventually qualifies for earning at higher price points.

●  The qualified partners of PhotoSesh that have been a part of the community the longest and from it's earliest phases will get preference to participate in newer PhotoSesh offerings.   When we roll out PhotoSesh Premium services we can only allow a limited supply of talent at that time.  Our early qualified partners will benefit the most as we begin offering more elaborate options to our growing customer base. 

●  We want Photographers to succeed within the PhotoSesh community!  We also want you to succeed outside PhotoSesh as well.  So we encourage photographers to give our customers their business card.  Customers are aware that a photographer's participation in the PhotoSesh community may represent a promotional discount when compared to that talent’s average rates.  We do not try and prevent photographers and customers from working together offline for future gigs.  As long as they're at a photographer's standard full rate offline while any discounting of any kind will only be online through the PhotoSesh platform (specifically relating to customers shared with PhotoSesh).  So not only do we permit photographers to accept business from our clients within terms and conditions, but we also encourage it. Hand out your cards!

●  PhotoSesh can also act as a reference: Maintaining a solid customer rating will add trust and credibility to your practice. Your customer feedback data is portable and available to you to help your business. For example: You may be looking to get hired for a wedding within your own business. If you're a valued Photogapher within our system, we can act as a reference to support your business. Simply submit a request to send a prospect your true PhotoSesh customer ratings and we'll send it out immediately with our Stamp of Recommendation. The bottom line is that we want to support your business inside and outside of the PhotoSesh community as long as you're an active participant within. 

●  If ratings are sub-par and poor, it will only be visible within OUR community and will NOT affect your other avenues of business. The account will simply get deactivated and nothing beyond. However, we do hope you take the hint well and use the feedback constructively for your own practice.


Why iPhoneographers join the PhotoSesh community:

●  Many of the same reasons other photographers join.  

●  You can decide to be available on your own schedule.

●  You unleash the Earning Power of your iPhone cam skills at approx. $15-20/hr (sometimes more)

●  Easy money if you enjoy people and taking pictures.  Can earn bonus prizes.

●  Zero to minimal overhead costs.  Just need an iPhone 5 or better in your pocket.

●  Most importantly... Because it’s FUN taking pics!

For more information check out our partners page.  CLICK PARTNERS

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