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Why use PhotoSesh:

●  We are a community of highly rated talented photographers who love the art and love the people.

●  Pricing is affordable, simple, and visible before booking (as low as $30/hour).

●  Talented Professionals discount the gaps in their schedule so you can save and they can stay busy! Everyone wins!

●  Great for the busy individual.  You can literally secure your trusted PhotoSesh photographer within seconds.

●  Available on short notice (within minutes depending on location). 

●  Able to track photographers on the mobile map (useful for festivals or remote locations).

●  True customer rating system saves you time from research, searching, and comparing. No cherry picking testimonials.  Every good, bad, and ugly bit of feedback is calculated into ratings from verified paying customers.

●  Allows you to use your time and energy more wisely while someone else handles pictures.

●  Receive the digital images within 0-72 hours.  Includes digital usage and printing rights.

●  Photographers are screened and vetted through a multi-step internal and external process.

●  Photographers within the PhotoSesh circle not only maintain high standards of customer service, but also give back to the community every year through charitable work and is actually one of our requirements in order to maintain a presence on PhotoSesh.  We like dealing with good people, and we hope you do too.  : )


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