A simple way for anyone to get $150 or more in PhotoSesh credits. 

Two words


 Referral Program

Give $10, Get $10

Think about it ... your average party has about 30 guests.  You're most likely sharing your pictures with your guests anyway, or at least sending a thank you message:  "Hey!  Thanks again for coming out, check out these awesome PhotoSesh pics of the party.  And feel free to use my referral code for $10 bucks towards your own PhotoSesh (Code: Kelly123).  It was so easy, just download the app!" 

You would just need half of your 30 guests to use it and that's $150 in PhotoSesh credit earned for you to use at anytime!  Simply including your referral code as a Party Favor inside your Thank You note can help your friends and family save and really rack up your credits fast!

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