PhotoSesh is at Pinknic 2017!

Governors Island NYC

June 25th, 2017

We are having a blast photographing thousands of people and telling them what's in store when they download the PhotoSesh app!    The Pinknic festival is one of the best scenes for awesome PhotoSesh opportunities.  Hope everyone is smiling this Sunday.  Say hi to one of our many PhotoSesh photographers throughout Governors Island at the Pinknic Festival.


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PhotoSesh credit for Pinknic 2017 goes to some of our favorite PhotoSesh photographers:

PhotoSesh photographers: Valerie Fraser & Ashley Gallerani

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Pinknic Management did an incredible job with this production which included would-be Saturday attendees joining the Sunday crowd due to weather issues.  It was a huge success on a beautiful day, with amazing people, and a phenomenal show.  

You can find more information on Pinknic here:

Plus check out their other upcoming events: and

Valerie Fraser's Gallery

You can find Valerie on the PhotoSesh App or more of her work can be found at

Ashley Gallerani's Gallery

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