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 Want to Book More Clients, Grow Your Business, and Work When You Want?

(1/12/17) - Meagan L

It’s no secret that the way we take photographs has evolved rapidly over the last few years. For a while there, brides were thinking they could ask their best friend, or the groom’s uncle Larry, or even their own mom to shoot their wedding—with results ranging from “meh” to outright disastrous. A photographer at any event or party should be just that—a photographer! Not someone who’s juggling their Hors d’oeuvre plate and their expensive camera all while trying to dance the funky chicken with the other party guests.  

So as a freelance photographer, what does this all mean for you? The demand for photography at all kinds of events is growing, and you know you have the skills to deliver great pictures, but filling your calendar with paying clients can be tricky.

Book Clients and Grow Your Business

Luckily for your freelance career, there’s a new player on the photography scene, and it’s about to skyrocket your photography bookings. It’s a company called PhotoSesh, and joining its fast-growing community of talented freelancers will seriously up your game. Clients need photographers every day of the year, but they also want affordable, on-demand convenience.

The PhotoSeshApp uses GPS so that clients can find YOU, when and where they need you. So you can stay open for business miles away from home.  Whether you’re spending the weekend on the east coast or west coast, you can pick up some scheduled or on-demand gigs in your vicinity! Clients are starting to request affordable freelance photographers for all kinds of things—ball games, birthdays, baby showers and more! No one wants to end up with a handful of group selfies from the family reunion again, and no one wants to pay exorbitant prices for a quick get together. This means plenty of gigs for you on the PhotoSeshApp, at your convenience, to the tune of up to $75 per hour in some cases!

Joining the PhotoSesh Photographers’ Community is like having your very own marketing team, booking agent and personal assistant working for you 24/7. PhotoSesh takes care of the logistics, scheduling, mapping and marketing, so that you can focus on racking up those 5-star reviews from clients.

One of the things Photographers love most about PhotoSesh is the opportunity for more visibility and networking. PhotoSesh does not restrict working with clients outside of the App, and in fact encourages you to pass out your business cards! Amateur, freelance and professional photographers alike can grow their businesses by meeting new clients or working big events.

Make a Difference

This is not just about exchanging goods and services. PhotoSesh is a company that wants to make the world a better place and believes service should be easy and fun, which is why they encourage good deeds and charity from their photographers—all with great photographic documentation, of course. Just check out some of the events they’ve been a part of!

It’s a great big world out there, with lots of talent and lots of demand: sometimes we just need a reliable way to connect two parties who could really benefit from each other. So whether you want to dive into the PhotoSesh community and start building up your clientele ASAP, or you would just like to fill in those gaps in your schedule, The PhotoSesh App is a win-win for all photographers. The possibilities are endless!


·         After downloading the app and applying, pick which types of requests you would like to receive

·         Select the timeslots you are available for nearby requests 

·         Sync your calendar with ours

·         Sit back and enjoy the benefits of free marketing, networking and more business


·         No listing or sign up costs

·         If you’re a traveler, you can easily get requests at new locations.   Simply change your where-a-bouts in your PhotoSesh profile, and you can still be open for business miles away from home.

·         We support our photographers!  Our favorable non-compete clause allows you to work with our customers offline (within terms and conditions.) 

·         We even have work for the up and coming trend of iPhoneographers along with the Pros that are already “with the times” and incorporating it into their businesses! 

·         Our commitment to giving back: we assign and pay for appropriate photographers to work at local Non-Profit and charity gigs.  We like dealing with good people and we hope you like dealing with a good organization! :-)

So are you looking for customers?

Do you like Photography? Do you like People? Will you pass a background check? Then join the PhotoSesh community here right through the app:



Our customer gig requests get sent to our PhotoSesh community via iPhone notifications.  If you do not own an iOS device, you can submit your info below for announcements on the future HTML version.

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