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General FAQs

+ What is PhotoSesh?

PhotoSesh is an on-demand (or scheduled) photography discount platform that uses GPS and calendar syncing to connect you to nearby photographers at incredibly friendly rates ($30-75/hr). Photographers can fill up openings in their schedule that would otherwise yield zero income. You can PhotoSesh NOW or PhotoSesh LATER by booking up to 90 days in advance (includes digital printing rights and usage rights).

+ What is the difference between PhotoSesh NOW and PhotoSesh LATER?

PhotoSesh NOW is exactly as it sounds. You need a photographer ASAP. Requesting PhotoSeshNOW will list all photographers in your area in the order that they are available. On-Demand at its best. Availability will depend on population and/or activities taking place.

+ How is PhotoSesh so affordable? ($30 - $75/hr)

We allow participating photographers to sync their calendar to our system. So we can detect the gaps in their schedule and help them stay busy in their downtime. Your request will list PhotoSesh photographers in distance order, therefore reducing travel time and costs, making it convenient for everyone. When a photographer sees a nearby gig that's convenient, working at a discount can make sense even for many in-demand photographers. The bottom line is that they stay busy and our customers save.

+ Are there any other fees involved?

No. You are only liable for the stated hourly rate that you saw on your photographer's profile multiplied by the duration or the requested times. We even do the math for ya. Keepin it reeeaaal simple!

+ What is the refund policy?

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy (limited to the fees paid for your PhotoSesh). Simply contact us with any concerns at . We'll make it right!

+ What is the cancellation policy?

No cancellation fee if you cancel with at least 24 hours notice prior to your scheduled PhotoSesh. However, if you cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled PhotoSesh, you will incur a $10 fee.

+ How are photographers selected to be a part of the PhotoSesh community?

Photographers are screened and vetted through a multi-step internal and external process for safety and quality control. More importantly, photographers will be rated and reviewed by verified paying customers who contribute to the quality and the overall integrity of the PhotoSesh community.

+ I really like how PhotoSesh is involved in such philanthropic work. How can I get involved?

So nice of you to ask! We are constantly helping with charitable events. If you want to help in any way via contributions or volunteering, you can check our giving back page for any upcoming events in your area. There’s usually volunteer information on each event with a point of contact. You can also email us as .

+ What is this 6th star (bonus star) for photographers?

Our rating system asks that you rate 5 stars if you believe a photographer has met your expectations. But when a photographer exceeds expectations, we thought a bonus star would be helpful in highlighting some of the real standout talent within our community.

+ What is PhotoSesh LIGHT and iPhoneography?

PhotoSesh is proud to say we are the very first providers and promoters of this up and coming society of iPhoneographers. Our discount model already offers great value via PhotoSesh. But with PhotoSesh LIGHT you can also connect to a separate network that caters to the rising trend of iPhoneographers utilizing their iPhone skills! This can be as low as $20/hr and great for busy tourist areas, festivals, parks, or simply low budget spur of the moment needs. PhotoSesh LIGHT also includes Professionals that are “with the times” and incorporating iPhoneography into their business! A fancy black DSLR is still a friend, but the iPhone will always be by our side!

Customers' FAQs

+ How do I get started?

Just download the PhotoSesh App on the iOS App Store. Then simply sign in and search for the talent around you.

+ I know PhotoSesh is an On Demand service. But can I book a PhotoSesh in advance??

Yes. You can book a PhotoSesh up to 6 months in advance.

+ I’ve chosen my session, date/time and sent out my request, but there were no results. What do I do now?

  • This can occur based on various factors including: High demand in your area due to an event taking place or a holiday; not enough photographers nearby; a search was made for unusual shoot times; chose a newer category that we may not have enough photographers for; or the search was only for a very short PhotoSesh (e.g. 30 min) but not enough photographers take such requests.
  • If no photographers come on your list, consider changing the time/date, increasing duration, or simply reach out to Your Customer Solutions Advocate will find a way to make things right.

+ At what point is my credit card charged?

Your credit card is charged when your PhotoSesh is complete.

+ Is my credit card information secured?

Yes! Your credit card information is so secure, that we don't even see it! So you can also rest assure that your photographer doesn't have any access either. Since security is such a high priority these days, we decided to work with the best payment gateway around. We linked up with Braintree (a PayPal company), one of the top payment processors in the world that uses the safest encrypted payment processing system to protect every customer. We do not store your credit card information, it goes direct to Braintree's secure storage in an encrypted form using industry-standard and well-studied encryption methods. If you've never heard of Braintree, now you have. And here is a list of some of their most reputable clients:

+ How and when will I receive my images?

  • We recommend that photographers send a direct link to you via email within 72 hours (ideally within 24-48) to access high resolution digital files for download.
  • If you are using PhotoSesh LIGHT, your iPhoneographer can actually transfer photos INSTANTLY via ‘AirDrop’ right onto your iPhone.

+ What do I do if my photographer cancels my scheduled session at the last minute, or doesn’t show?

In the rare occasion that something untimely happens to your scheduled photographer, first and foremost try and book another one through the app. Also contact us so we can expedite your request. Reach out to and we will do everything in our power to resolve the issue and find a solution that is to your satisfaction.

+ What if no photographers are available under my search criteria?

  • We are growing by leaps and bounds; adding new photographer’s every day! But this can occur based on various factors including: High demand in your area due to an event taking place or a holiday; not enough photographers nearby; a search was made for unusual shoot times; chose a newer category that we may not have enough photographers for; or the search was only for a very short PhotoSesh (e.g. 30 min) but not enough photographers take such requests.
  • If no photographers come on your list, consider changing the time/date, increasing duration, or simply reach out to

+ What if I found a favorite photographer, sent the request, and it was never accepted?

  • In the unlikely event that your request was not accepted by your favorite photographer from your search list, you can always request another one from your previous search results or start a new request (being how easy it is).
  • We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to utilize our unique multiple dispatching feature. You can actually favorite/heart more than one photographer at once and then send the PhotoSesh request to all of them. The first one to accept gets connected to you. Simple as that! This quickly secures you a photographer keeping the overall booking process fast and painless.

+ I need more than one photographer for a larger event. How do I book 2 or more?

  • You can always favorite multiple photographers. Once the first photographer accepts your gig, you can view the booking details under “Bookings.” This is where you will have the option to “Request another photographer” for that same gig and it will actually request the extra photographer from your previous favorites you had from the initial search. It will continue to accept 1 more at time. But you can hire as many as you want for your event.
  • Another way is to simply do a new search/request from the beginning. Either way, it’s the easiest way to book these photographers at just a few touches from your iPhone.

+ My photographer has accepted my request, how do I contact him/her?

Once a photographer accepts your request, you will then have the ability to communicate with each other via email, phone, or text.

Photographers' FAQs

+ Are there any sign up fees or listing fees?

No. Say good-bye to the unfair playing grounds of paying for "features," bidding on jobs that don't become, or another monthly listing bill. We get paid on commission only. It's free to download the app. It's free to apply and if approved it's free to stay onboard.

+ How do I get started?

  • After downloading the app and applying, pick which types of requests you would like to receive.
  • Select the timeslots you are available for nearby requests.
  • Sync your calendar with ours.
  • Sit back and enjoy the benefits of free marketing, networking and more business.

+ Why do I need to give my ID and SSN#?

Certain personal information is requested in order to maintain a level of safety within the PhotoSesh community and to properly process 1099 independent contractors. For SSN# we only require the last 4 digits. Our goal is to on-board photographers to our platform most efficiently using background checks and to keep compliance with issuing year-end 1099s to qualified earners. We also need certain personal information in order to compensate photographers via direct deposit.

+ What is the best way to create my profile in order to attract customers?

This step by step process can walk you through the do’s and don’ts along with some strategies to get your profile noticed! CLICK HERE for Profile Strategies.

+ How do I set up my availability and sync my calendar to the PhotoSesh app?

In the App, go to Profile>Availability and you can expend the slider bar when it’s white. You can tap the white bar to make it blue and lock it in as your availability. Here is a quick demonstration video CLICK HERE.

+ I'm not receiving any customer requests, what can I do?

You can increase your available hours. You can lower your rate to be more competitive. You can also update your profile to get more attention from your customers. CLICK HERE for Profile Strategies.

+ My hourly rate is usually higher than what PhotoSesh allows me to charge. Will these rates change?

We want to offer customers the most reasonable rates while keeping talented photographers busy meeting new referrals. To accommodate photographers while keeping it friendly to customers, we've set a flexible range of $30-75/hr in which you would adjust your price. PhotoSesh is offering you this platform as a supplement to your business and to help fill up any gaps in your schedule. In order for us to help keep you busy and meeting new referrals, we simply ask that you discount your rate so we can keep the flow going.

In the future we have plans to roll out a new offering for PhotoSesh Plus. This will allow for higher price points and more complex packages. PhotoSesh plus will be invite only to the benefit of our busiest and highest rated photographers. The early partners of the PhotoSesh Community will have seniority.

+ How do I show that I’m available for gigs in locations other than my home base? (i.e. traveling to another city for a couple weeks and would like to make some extra money)

If you’re traveling, you can easily get requests at new locations. Simply change your where-a-bouts in your PhotoSesh profile (Profile>Basic Details). This way you can stay open for business and pick up gigs miles away from home.

+ How soon will I receive compensation for my services?

Typically 48-72 hours after the PhotoSesh, your funds will be direct deposited into the account which you have designated. To update your banking details go to (Profile>Banking Details).

+ What's my cut of the total earnings when I work with a PhotoSesh customer?

Photographers get an 80% gross payout on each transaction once they're a partner! To become an official partner, a photographer would have to complete one successful transaction through the app at a 50% payout. This helps cover the on-boarding costs, refund risks, background checks, troubleshooting for first time users, and other administrative costs. Partner status with an 80% payout begins on transaction number 2 and every subsequent transaction thereafter.

+ Why can't I accept payment directly from the customer?

We DO NOT allow direct payment for services between PhotoSesh customers and PhotoSesh photographers!

The payment must be processed securely within the app as the customer's credit card is already on file with us. As soon as you conclude the service, the card will be charged securely. If payment does not come through our system, it is a breach of our Terms of Use and is not protected by us in anyway. If the payment is not processed within the app, the customer will not be protected by our guarantee, the photographer's payment will not be protected by our credit card authorization process, it also prevents us from tracking any payments, does not allow the customer to review you, and quite frankly doesn't compensate PhotoSesh in any way for the service provided in connecting you to Photosesh customers. We have thousands of photographers in our marketplace and we hope you understand our cashless, secure way of transacting business to better serve you and the customers.

Gratuity can obviously be accepted directly : )

+ Are taxes taken out of my pay for services?

No, they are not. As an independent contractor you are responsible for applicable taxes on goods, services, and income tax within your jurisdiction. We will send out year-end 1099-K forms shortly after the new tax year begins.

+ I’m not a professional but I love taking pictures, can I join PhotoSesh as a photographer?

If you can pass a background check, you love people, and your portfolio is of quality work, you should without a doubt apply. But be aware, the competition is high as majority of our community consists of seasoned professionals. To join the PhotoSesh community, simply download the free PhotoSesh App (iOS only). Then submit a PhotoSesh profile to apply or get on a waiting list for further consideration.

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