PhotoSesh ™ - an On - Demand (or Scheduled) Photography Discount Platform that uses GPS and calendar syncing to connect you to nearby photographers at incredibly friendly rates ($30-75/hr).  Photographers can fill up openings in their schedule that would otherwise yield zero income.  You can PhotoSesh Now or PhotoSesh Later by booking up to 90 days in advance (includes digital delivery and usage rights). 

There are 16 categories of photography to choose from and 5,000+ photographers across 12 metro areas.  

less cost ... not a moment lost

On Demand Affordable NYC photographers PhotoSesh Logo

On Demand Affordable NYC photographers PhotoSesh Logo

The PhotoSesh Affordability Formula:

Calendar integration + GPS/Map integration = Nearby Affordable Photographers


PhotoSesh can detect open schedules of nearby photographers which reduces travel costs. We're excited to bring more efficiency to the hiring process allowing customers to find talent without spending too much time and without breaking the bank.  Meanwhile pro photographers can score some quick biz and referrals conveniently!  

Everyone wins! Welcome to the PhotoSesh community!

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Now get in the PhotoSesh loop...

We'll only ask you once, (maybe twice).  So hear it is.... Will you give PhotoSesh your email address? Even if it's not your top most sacred email address that we all cherish, we'll still take it.  You won't regret being in the PhotoSesh loop.  We'll send you not-so-frequent updates on our NY/NJ/PA free app launch coming early 2016.  You'll also get free access to the latest in camera tech news, free courses, Pro and iPhone camera tricks, and some included randomness such as the debate on photo organizing ideas ... will someone SOLVE this already!  


What people are saying!

Made our event so much more fun because we could focus on our guests and spending time with our son at his 1st birthday party!  - Danielle P. (Mom & Teacher - NJ)


So many years, I've been running around, trying to take pictures and capture so many moments, that I miss them myself.  We will surely treasure these pictures!!!! -  Sabrina Abramson (Mom & Family Teams Chair - March for Babies - Bergen County, NJ)     


Our PhotoSesh photographer was pretty cool.  Very  professional, good shots, and he kinda went above and beyond to make sure he got what I asked for.  I’d definitely use him again! -  Ryan G.(Professional DJ - Raleigh, NC)