Congratulations! You have been requested to shoot a PhotoSesh!  


Open your PhotoSesh app and respond ASAP before another photographer accepts it!  

PLEASE NOTE: It is possible you may have missed the request depending on your notification settings.  You can change the details within your iOS device  SETTINGS > NOTIFICATIONS > Here you can adjust the details of how you receive notifications from PhotoSesh (consider selecting "Alerts" instead of "Banners" for improved visibility).




In the PhotoSesh App, go to MENU > BOOKINGS > Here you can find the pending request(s) and ACCEPT or REJECT.  

Act quickly because the PhotoSesh customer may have sent out requests to multiple photographers on a First-Come-First-Serve basis.

******** IMPORTANT NOTE ********

Consider contacting the customer right away!  

By thanking them for choosing you and starting the line of communication early, you can truly start the relationship off on the right foot.  This can go a long way to keep your customer satisfaction rating high!




Starting Your Travel.jpg


Please remember to let the PhotoSesh system know when you begin your travel to the appointment.  This lets the customer know you are on the way. In the PhotoSesh App, go to MENU > BOOKINGS > Here you can find the accepted requests where you can SLIDE the START TRAVEL BUTTON.  This sends a notification to the customer.  

Also notice the View Map feature to give you an idea of where you're traveling to.




Although the map shows a driving route, it is still very helpful in open space where you may need to find a specific location in a park, festival, or open areas.  

Of course you can always communicate directly with the customer via Call, Text, or Email.  This information can be found in the icons within your Booking Details.




Please remember to let the PhotoSesh system know when you have arrived to the appointment.  This lets the customer know you are there. In the PhotoSesh App, go to MENU > BOOKINGS > Here you can find the accepted requests where you can SLIDE the END TRAVEL BUTTON.  This sends a notification to the customer.




We DO NOT allow direct payment for services between PhotoSesh customers and PhotoSesh photographers! 

The payment must be processed securely within the app as the customer's credit card is already on file with us.  As soon as you conclude the service, the card will be charged securely.  If payment does not come through our system, it is a breach of our Terms of Use and is not protected by us in anyway.  If the payment is not processed within the app, the customer will not be protected by our guarantee, the photographer's payment will not be protected by our credit card authorization process, it also prevents us from tracking any payments, does not allow the customer to review you, and quite frankly doesn't compensate PhotoSesh in any way for the service provided in connecting you to Photosesh customers.  We have thousands of photographers in our marketplace and we hope you understand our cashless, secure way of transacting business to better serve you and the customers.  

Gratuity can obviously be accepted directly  :  )


Please let the system know that the service has started by sliding the START SERVICE BUTTON.  Then the same for END SERVICE upon completion.  

It is OK if you didn't use the functions within the app at the precise start/end times because the billing is fixated on the hours requested.  So it will not be sensitive to any timing errors using these functions within the app.

**IMPORTANT**  The system prevents you from concluding service if there are no Banking Details to receive your compensation.  Please have your direct deposit information in place before you travel to your PhotoSesh request.  The customer's credit card will only be charged once this is setup and you SLIDE the END SERVICE BUTTON.  Banking Details are in your Profile within the app (MENU > PROFILE > BANKING DETAILS > Here you can enter the account which you will receive compensation.


Your compensation is our priority!

Making sure our photographers get paid in a timely and secure manner is our top priority.  We have a flawless reputation on timely payments and expect it to continue.  The payments actually bypass us while held at Braintree (a PayPal company) and go directly from our customers to Braintree escrow, to your assigned account via direct deposit.  This is to ensure your compensation with security and confidence.

 : ) 



Many PhotoSesh photographers boast a 24 hour turn around.  Generally, our customers expect to receive images within 72 hours.  Images are to be non-watermarked and high resolution using reasonable judgment on quantity and pixel size based on the customers needs.  

Delivery via Dropbox is preferred.  However, any convenient means in which the customer can download the work without requiring a login is acceptable.

We hope the PhotoSesh platform works out well for you.  Please support our mission by spreading the word.

Wishing you much success!
The PhotoSesh Team

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email or you can refer to your "Camera Bag."


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Hoboken, NJ 07030