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What to expect...

Leave your wallets alone.  All transactions are processed securely within the PhotoSesh App for your protection!  You have already submitted your credit card info safely into the Braintree Vault (a PayPal Company).  There is no need to share your credit card information with photographers and please do not compensate them directly as it is a breach of our terms of use.  Doing so would also void certain protections in our policy that can cover you.  You simply pay us, and we pay them.  Payment through the app allows you to be covered by our guarantee and legally protects you so you can enjoy proper usage rights of the digital images.

When you “heart” favorite one or more of our photographers and request them, the first one to accept will get your business.  Please allow for a few minutes to see if someone accepts.  The more photographers you request, the quicker your response time typically is.  If your photographer(s) rejected the gig, or did not respond at all, consider cancelling the request or reschedule by going into the “Bookings” section.  Shown below.

Booking Details

When a photographer accepts the appointment, you will have the ability to communicate via email, phone, or text.  This is also accessible right within your “Bookings” section. You can also request an Extra Photographer for the same gig in this section.

Map View & Tracking

When your photographer begins to travel: You will receive a push notification to your iPhone device, “Your photographer is on the way!”

When your photographer arrives: You will receive a push notification to your iPhone device, “Your photographer has arrived!”

Billing & delivery of digital images

You won’t be charged until completion of the service.  Your credit card on file will be used to compensate your photographer according to your times set in your PhotoSesh request and their upfront hourly rate.  Expect your photographer to send the high resolution digital images soon via email within 72 hours, and in most cases within 24 hours.


For your security, we DO NOT allow direct payment for services between PhotoSesh customers and PhotoSesh photographers! 

The payment must be processed securely within the app as your credit card is already on file with us.  The photographer cannot see this information and even our back office can only see a portion of it (for your protection, your credit card info is securely stored in the Braintree Vault - a PayPal company).  As soon as the Photographer says he/she has concluded the PhotoSesh within the app, your card will be charged securely.  If payment does not come through our system, it is a breach of our Terms of Use and is not protected by us in anyway.  If the payment is not processed within the app, the transaction will not be protected by our guarantee, it prevents us from tracking any payments in the event of a dispute, does not allow you to review the photographer, and most importantly does not grant a license for usage rights that so many of our customers enjoy when doing business with PhotoSesh.  We have thousands of photographers in our marketplace and we hope you understand our cashless, secure way of transacting business to better serve you.



***Please rate your photographer within the “Bookings” section.***

If you have any questions please reach out to

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We appreciate your business and want you to know that a portion of proceeds are very helpful in our mission to continue contributing photography services to local charity functions AS SEEN HERE.

So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for using PhotoSesh to find your neighborhood photographer at neighborhood friendly prices.

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