Why use PhotoSesh:

●  We are a community of photography enthusiasts and professionals who love the art and love the people.

●  Pricing is affordable, simple, and visible before booking (as low as $30/hour).

●  Available on short notice (within minutes depending on location).

●  Able to track photographers on the mobile map (useful for festivals or remote locations).

●  True customer rating system saves you time from research, searching, and comparing. No cherry picking testimonials.  Every good, bad, and ugly bit of feedback is calculated into ratings from verified paying customers.

●  Allows you to use your time and energy more wisely while someone else handles pictures.

●  Receive the digital images within 0-72 hours.

●  Photographers are screened in addition to our own internal due diligence system.

●  Photographers within the PhotoSesh circle not only maintain high standards of customer service, but also give back to the community every year through charitable work and is actually one of our requirements in order to maintain a presence on PhotoSesh.  We like dealing with good people, and we think you do too.  

Why Photographers join the PhotoSesh community:

●  Can earn income on their own hours (or in between bookings).  Approx $25-75/hr (sometimes more)

●  Can choose to be on or off the grid anywhere and whenever in the mood.

●  Gain more exposure for your own photography business.  

●  If you join and get approved on PhotoSesh during the beta version, you will not be subject to signup/membership fees during the official launch!

●  Nearest leads will find you (on our marketing costs) instead of you looking for them.

●  You can be available "on the move" using our maps module which is great for traveling photographers trying to make a few bucks floating around on the PhotoSesh GPS.

●  Our scheduling function helps keep you organized and syncs with the most common calendars we use every day (e.g. iCloud, Google).

●  Enjoy access to thousands of other photographers if you ever need a second shooter on short notice.

●  Little to no editing work necessary, most of our customers may just need unedited images (but use your own judgment to earn your five star ratings).

●  If you maintain your ratings in line with our community's quality control standards, you will be a part of an Elite group of photographers based on overall customer satisfaction, which eventually qualifies for earning at higher price points.

●  The qualified partners of PhotoSesh that have been a part of the community the longest and from it's earliest phases will get preference to participate in newer PhotoSesh offerings.   When we roll out PhotoSesh Premium services we can only allow a limited supply of talent at that time.  Our early partners will benefit the most as we begin offering more elaborate options to our growing customer base. 

●  We want Photographers to succeed within the PhotoSesh community!  We also want you to succeed outside PhotoSesh as well.  So we encourage photographers to give our customers their business card.  Customers are aware that a photographer's participation in the PhotoSesh community may represent a promotional discount when compared to that talent’s average rates.  We also encourage customers that if they like the work, to feel free to hire the photographers directly for future needs and at standard rates.  So not only do we permit photographers to accept business from our clients within terms and conditions, but we also encourage it.

●  PhotoSesh can also act as a reference: Maintaining a solid customer rating will add trust and credibility to your practice. Your customer feedback data is portable and available to you to help your business. For example: You may be looking to get hired for a wedding within your own business. If you're a valued Photogapher within our system, we can act as a reference to support your business. Simply submit a request to send a prospect your true PhotoSesh customer ratings and we'll send it out immediately with our Stamp of Recommendation. The bottom line is that we want to support your business inside and outside of the PhotoSesh community as long as you're an active participant within. 

●  If ratings are sub-par and poor, it will only be visible within OUR community and will NOT affect your other avenues of business. The account will simply get deactivated and nothing beyond. However, we do hope you take the hint well and use the feedback constructively for your own practice.


Why iPhoneographers join the PhotoSesh community:

●  Many of the same reasons other photographers join.  

●  You can decide to be available on your own schedule.

●  You unleash the Earning Power of your iPhone cam skills at approx. $15-20/hr (sometimes more)

●  Easy money if you enjoy people and taking pictures.  Can earn bonus prizes.

●  Zero to minimal overhead costs.  Just need an iPhone 5 or better in your pocket.

●  Most importantly... Because it’s FUN taking pics!


PhotoSesh -  Saving you from TIME LOST, MONEY LOST, and MOMENTS LOST!


At PhotoSesh, we came up with a solution where it’s now affordable to hire a photographer for events that you normally wouldn’t consider hiring for.  For instance, why would you spend hundreds of dollars if you’re just trying to capture your walk in a park with your significant other.  Why would you go out of the way to try and book a photographer to take some shots of you and a few friends going out for the night?  Vacations? BBQs? Birthday parties? (the list is endless). 

The solution on photography for casual events is now here and it’s called PhotoSesh.  If you're planning any party or casual get-together, then be sure to continue to learn about what PhotoSesh is all about. 

Not everyone wants to hire a full service Photographer.  Not everyone wants to pay for a full package of photography goods and services.  Thanks to PhotoSesh, for the first time ever, it is now affordable (as low as $30/hour) to instantly have a photoshoot whereever you are and whenever you're in the mood for one. Thanks to peer to peer photography and our PhotoSesh community, we have revolutionized the way you capture your moments without breaking the bank, and most importantly, we're helping you enjoy your moments.  So stop asking random people in the street to take your picture. Use PhotoSesh!  We’re the first ones to bring you this experience and this system and method is currently patent pending.

Before PhotoSesh we did not have many options for Photography Services

Before PhotoSesh we only had 2 choices to capture moments in a casual setting.  One was the free option (do-it-yourself) and the other choice was to spend a few hundred dollars and schedule a professional.  So when it comes to casual get-togethers we have very limited options (i.e. a backyard party, BBQ, picnic, kids birthday event, engagement party, night out, vacations, romantic walk, etc).

The popular choice is to save money and take pictures yourself.  Often we do this with our iPhone cameras.  And why not?  The technology is incredible.  I mostly chose the Do-It-Yourself option as well (except for our wedding and newborn pictures).  However, the disadvantage of "do-it-yourself" is that it takes away from enjoying the moment.  You're constantly juggling what moments you want to live in vs. what moments you want to work on capturing. The effort and the time taken on photos during YOUR event is more costly than you think (assuming you value your time and effort and assuming you cherish your memorable moments). 

OK so if you value your time, just hire a pro, right? This way, at least you get to enjoy your event, plus you get to have a few extra conversations with friends/family that you might not have been able to enjoy otherwise.  That’s the huge benefit of hiring help.  But hiring professionals comes with some disadvantages too.  In addition to being a few hundred dollars poorer, there is still a considerable amount of time consumed.  Before your casual event, you may find yourself calling around, looking at portfolios, estimates, & pricing.  Then you find one but scheduling uncertainties can throw it all out of whack.  Then after the event, the process continues... because, most likely, a package needed to be purchased (including editing, a few prints, a CD) and the edited photographs will not be immediately available.  Sometimes it takes days, sometimes weeks.   Why isn't there an affordable, unbundled, and quicker solution? Something that won't cost a few hundred dollars, something that will still take the burden off of the do-it-yourselfers, and something that doesn't consume too much time and effort in the hiring process. 

The PhotoSesh Mission

At PhotoSesh we're helping consumers afford amateur, freelance, and professionals for simple casual events on very short notice and with the touch of a button.  This can include Pro iPhoneographers or Photographers depending on preference and budget.  The photographers we spoke to love the concept, because it gives them extra work in between other bookings, and it helps further get their own brand name out there.  The consumers we spoke to are excited because it really opens up the doors to all kinds of possible events where the service can be used quickly and affordably.  Especially now that it's available at affordable rates!!!


You download the PhotoSesh app in the iOS store (iPhone users only). After registering, you can request a nearby photographer from our approved peer to peer community.  You can either choose a PhotoSesh Light (iPhoneographer) orPhotoSesh (Freelance photographer with DSLR and iPhone).  You can request for On-Demand service or a scheduled service.  In either case, a photographer comes to you (or a pin drop location) and your PhotoSesh begins.  There will be as many pictures as you can handle all based on the time taken for each PhotoSesh request (1 hr minimum charge).  Upon completion of a PhotoSesh, images are instantly shared/transferred to you and the transaction is complete.  Rate your experience, and do whatever you please with the digital images since they are yours to own immediately.  Please note: PhotoSesh photographers will transfer iPhone images immediately, but they will deliver remaining DSLR images ASAP (0 - 72 hours).  For the first time ever, it is now affordable (as low as $25/hour) to instantly have a photoshoot where-ever and whenever you want.  


How can we make this so affordable and efficient?

Simple.  We allow participating photographers to receive your PhotoSesh requests by syncing their calendar to our system. Your request will list photographers participating in the discount service only if they're available.   The list will be in distance order to your designated location to keep costs down and make it more convenient for everyone.  


We also have 2 different tier pricing options:  



iPhoneographers @ $20-25/hour (special event rates may apply)



Freelance Photographers with professional equipment @ $30-75/hour (special event rates may apply)


At PhotoSesh we believe the magic is in the photographer, not in the equipment.  So we can open up a brand new price point to help the consumer make the best decision within their budget.  The advancement of camera technology in our phones is truly remarkable.  Flickr just announced 2014 statistics and Apple is officially a more popular camera brand than Nikon for uploading on their site.  The sample was based on 10 billion uploads for 2014. Adding the iPhoneographer model to your choices accomplishes a few things.  For one, we can provide a solid supply of approved registered PhotoSesh photographers at your service within minutes.  Two, you receive your digital images instantly through the airdrop technology that already exists within the phone.  And finally, to further keep costs down, we keep it basic with no add-ons to these services.  Quick and simple to keep us confident in what we're purchasing.  In essence, we have unbundled the session service and the digital images from a traditional full-service package.  That is how we are able to provide you with the convenience of getting your digital images instantly, and at a friendly price.  In the near future, we plan to have a full menu of a la carte options available at predetermined prices.  But we're keeping it simple for now.  A PhotoSesh with pictures included, and that's it.  Meanwhile photographers can show off their photoshoot skills whether it's with the powerful iPhone camera or professional DSLR equipmentMaybe the photographer will be someone you consider using down the line for a bigger event.  This is a great way for photographers to gain exposure and a great way for consumers to use the service for casual times. Some people we spoke to mentioned it would even make sense to have a few affordable PhotoSesh experiences to simply evaluate a handful of wedding photographers and potentially hire (or for any other major event).  We've heard other great ways to utilize PhotoSesh like Photographers looking for assistants or second shooters.  We've also heard some considering using PhotoSesh for add-ons at their formal events to simply capture more action as a supplement to your main event photographer.


EMPOWERING THE CUSTOMER:By helping photographers fill up the gaps in their schedules, we can then connect you to available talent in your area with upfront discount pricing if booked through PhotoSesh.   So if you're planning a casual get together but don't want to break the bank, then using PhotoSesh should be strongly considered.  Make sure you join our email list for updates on the launch.  Less cost, not a moment lost! Enjoy!!


-The PhotoSesh Team